Samsung LCD TV power up problem

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You’re here because your Samsung LCD TV is not working or it takes forever for it to start up, right? And you want to know how to fix this LCD TV, right? Well, last March of 2008 I was so excited to get my new Samsung LN-T4065F 40 inch LCD TV.  The looks of the LCD set is awesome, watching it on High Def is just amazing.  But it only took 1 year and 3 months for it to go bad(Yeah after my warranty expired. What a bummer!).  The initial problem was when you turn on the device it takes awhile for it to come on.  At first, I thought it was my Direct TV DVR that was causing the power up delay because every time when it come on the resolution of my TV goes from 1080i to 480i.  But after few weeks the LCD TV gets worst,  clicking starts to come in and TV turns on with this weird colored background and I just got tired of it and started searching about it over the internet.  After that time, I am for sure of the problem and there’s an abundant of information about it over the internet. Read more about Symptoms of an LCD Power Supply Problem

swollen, bad capacitors buldge

Bad Capacitors

The main cause of this power up problem are bad capacitors on your power supply.  The image to your left shows that the middle capacitor is bulged or swollen and that’s how you can identify if the capacitor is bad. See more bad capacitor images Most of the post I have read online haven’t shown a capacitor that has leaked, but obviously that would be another indicator for a bad capacitor.

Now, if your LCD set is still under warranty I would suggest to use it and let the professionals handle the problem for you.  But for the rest of the Samsung LCD TV owners that their warranty had expired and want to save some money, this would be the best route.  Mind me, when I fixed my power supply I didn’t have any previous experience on desoldering and soldering capacitors on a power supply board.  It was a good experience after all is said and done.

Here’s what you need for this DIY project: Screw driver, Soldering iron(40watts+), Desoldering braid, Soldering wire, and capacitors.

Now lets talk about the specs, capacitors hold 3 important value:

  1. The capacitance measured in uF(micro farads) (ex. 2200uF),
  2. Voltage (ex. 10v),
  3. Temperature (ex. 105°C)

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Important Notes:

Samsung’s power supply capacitors has 10v installed on the board and it is attached to a 12v  bus which is causing to bulged. (I’m not a Electrical Engineer but I do know if you put too much on something, its going to get bigger or burst! ^_^  And that’s why our LCD sets end up with bulged or leaked capacitors)

Look at the bad capacitor and get the right information from it, remember uF, voltage and temperature.  Mine, I only change 2 capacitors.   It needed two 2200 uF, when I first saw my power supply it was really easy to spot the bad caps.  Some Samsung LCD owners did went ahead replace all the capacitors on the power supply to make sure.  Now if you’re like me, an inexperience solder, I would not recommend changing all the capacitors because to me it was time consuming for a noob(newbie) like me ^_^.

Few things to take note, always make sure you have the right polarity.  Negative part is where the colored stripe on the capacitor.  If your looking at the image above, it would be the copper colored stripe.  And if you are looking at the two connector wire of the capacitor, the negative wire is the short one.  On placing it on the board make sure negative to negative and positive to positive.  By this time you will be ready for soldering.

Watch Videos on how to solder and desolder

The total cost for this project is $40 (I had to buy a new soldering iron and desoldering braid) You can buy capacitors from radioshack but always remember uF, voltage and temperature(they are price from .40 cents to $5 each).

Here are the models that are known with this problem:
My Official Samsung LCD TV Problem List

Did your Samsung LCD TV just completely went kaboom and does not work anymore but still wants a Samsung TV?

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(If you’re a Samsung LCD owner and have a different model number with the same problem, please let me know)

I just fixed my LCD set last night and all is working fine and turns on normally.   Power up delay and the rainbow background is gone .  I will update if there’s any other effect after installing that 2 capacitors.  This post is based from my own experience fixing my own samsung LCD set.

Your LCD monitor having problems too? Well, I bet it’s having a capacitor problem too just like this ACER X221W

I will not take any responsibility if something wrong happens to YOUR LCD set after reading and taking this advise from non-professional DIY fixer.  USE THIS GUIDE WITH CAUTION!

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See what Samsung has to say about this known problem with their LCD and Plasma TV sets.

Attention: Call Samsung (1-800-SAMSUNG) because they are fixing the capacitor problems for FREE!

577 Responses to Samsung LCD TV power up problem

  • Marilyn Sherlock

    Replied on: November 14, 2013, 7:20 pm

    We have a 40inch samsung 1080i that was fixed under warranty. We had a bad capacitor. Now it is doing the same I thing . My number is 678-522-4856

  • Pupyte

    Replied on: December 18, 2013, 5:25 am

    Thank you Samsung. I called on Tuesday17th Dec, to inform of a problem with connection to programmes, was taking over 10 minutes to connect. After a lengthy call centre conversation, I had an engineer at my house the next day, today 18th Dec. Repair completed (one capacitator had blown), and no charge.
    Although Samsung has made errors with installing the wrong connectors etc, the service received today was brilliant, so once again, Thank you Samsung.

  • William Mc Cormack

    Replied on: August 22, 2014, 11:00 am

    My HP-T5054 keeps “Cliking” and won’t turn on. I’ve heard it’s an on going problem with Samsung. What can I do?

  • William Mc Cormack

    Replied on: August 22, 2014, 11:02 am

    TV keeps Clicking, won’t turn on! Help

  • Dennis Holland

    Replied on: September 23, 2014, 8:47 am

    Purchased Samsung 40″ LN40A550P2FXZA with 3 year warranty March 2010. Did not extend warranty. Now having problems with TV powering up and as of yesterday, will not power up at all. Only clicks. Called Samsung and of course they referred me to someone I will have to pay to have fix this problem. Now after reading online comments, this seems to be a common problem due to faulty capacitor wiring by the manufacturer. Wish Samsung would step up to the plate and fix the problem at no charge, since the fix is so cheap. Would mean a happy customer who would buy another Samsung. Right now I’m thinking….NOT!

  • Keith

    Replied on: November 17, 2014, 8:29 am

    One of the ceramic capacitors burned out and I cannot make out the voltage. How do I find out the voltage so I can replace it?


    Replied on: February 4, 2015, 12:40 am

    having the same problems that everyone is having with there tv, only i have six capacitor are blown ,i havent seen my tv listed yet on here its LN40B530P7NXZA,LOOKING FOR SOME ADVICE,please and thank you ,

  • leon

    Replied on: August 27, 2015, 8:52 am

    50* plasma tv no power just click inside no visibly damaged capacitators

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