Steps on how to Get your Samsung LCD TV FIX


Hello there everybody and good day to all. For the past several years people visit my website to find out how to fix their Samsung LCD TV when it’s having that clicking or power up problem.

Here are ways on how to fix it:

The easiest way: Call samsung!!! 1-800-SAMSUNG (for international visitors please visit Samsung’s website for your local phone numbers).  Samsung has finally acknowledge this problem and they are fixing this for FREE! Be cautious though for they are making sure that this is a capacitor related issue.  If the cause of the problem is the capacitor then you are in luck and you get a free tech support with your out-of-warranty LCD TV.  Now, if somehow your Samsung LCD TV model is not on their list to get the FREE support then your out of luck and you have to pay somebody to get it fix.

The not so easy way: This is what I did, the not so easy way.  It was more satisfying that you’re able to fix an expensive piece of device by yourself.  Thanks to the internet that a lot information on how to fix this is a google search away.

See my tutorial on how to fix your Samsung LCD TV clicking problem

The hard way: To the few unlucky once, the hardest way is finding out that you’re getting bill that you were suppose to get it free.   Samsung have been really strict with this and they know that they are only fixing the once that were caused by the bad capacitors.  And when the technician notice that its NOT cause by the capacitors, then you’ll get charge the least a service call FEE!  That rings about a $100, more or less.  To top that, your LCD TV is not even fix yet.  You have to spend few more hundreds just to get your LCD TV running!


Call Samsung first then wait.  If you don’t like waiting and you have experience with a soldering gun, then just follow my “How to fix my Samsung LCD TV tutorial” and you’ll be done in minutes.  Just as simple as that 😉


Message to my readers:  Thank you so much for visiting my sponsored links as they are the once that keeps this website running.



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