How To Identify Bad Capacitors


Lately Samsung LCD TV have been having problems with its power supply, caused by bad capacitors. In this post it will show images of bad capacitors so that you can easily identify them once you try opening your LCD TV and try to fix it yourself.

Bulged Capacitors

Bulged Capacitors

As you can see on the image, it is very easy to spot a bad capacitor. All there is, is flat and then bulged. The image is showing you the top of the capacitor. Remember not in all cases that the bulging will appear at the top but also bulging can appear at the bottom part of the capacitor where the circuit board and capacitor meets.

Visible Leak On Capacitor

Visible Leak On Capacitor

Sometime, bad capacitors does not bulge but if the top of the capacitor is not tightly sealed it could leak. Just like the picture to your left where it leak.

Have you seen capacitor that were blown but don’t have similarities on the images above? Please let me know I will make sure to post is here to inform everybody having this capacitor problems.

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16 Responses to How To Identify Bad Capacitors

  1. Had the same Samsung TV problem. Gee thanks China for the cheap capacitors in all Samsung products. They took 15 – 20 year capacitors and made them max. 3 year capacitors. First your Samsung TV will start taking up to 30 sec. to turn on, then random channel switching, random on and off operation, then dead. Then you begin pleading with Samsung or anyone to help you fix it. China made millions, Samsung made millions but you will are stuck with their defective products with these defective capacitors. WHAT A RIP!
    Model Code – LN32A450C1DXZA

  2. My 6 years old Samsung TV having the same problem that everyone has, clicking when powering up. At first, I was able to watch after it power up, after a few days, it eventually died. I open the cover and examine the capacitors as suggested by other forum, I just don’t see any bulging on any capacitor. They are pretty flat on the top. Not sure if my problem related to the capacitors. Any suggestions is appreciated. Model number: LN52A550P3FXZA Manufacture date is 2008.

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