Thanksgiving Day Sunset


After eating a lot of food and getting ready again to eat more for dinner I head out and took today’s sunset. It was amazing!
See how beautiful was the sunset today and this was taken at Percy Priest Lake in Hurricane Creek Rec Area.


This was taken with a canon 7D and an ultrawide Tamron lens at 10mm

Drop Test – Samsung s3 VS iPhone


I haven’t purchase my iPhone5 yet but this just made my mind. Here’s a video from Android Authority where the iPhone5 proved to be a much stronger built phone compared to the Samsung s3. Enjoy!!!

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New Samsung s3 Funny But Boring Commercial


I love how they bash around and trying to prove which one is better 🙂 but transferring playlist was very cool thought! Right on!

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Downtown Nashville Tennessee


Have you seen the sunsets of downtown Nashville over the Shelby Pedestrian Bridge? When you are in town don’t forget to hang out around the bridge and see the beautiful sunset Nashville has to offer.
Sunset Downtown Nashville Tennessee

HDR Beginner = Me


Well I finally got around on purchasing photomatix which I’ve been holding back for quite sometime now. Really neat program and use less resources than Photoshop. Here’s an image of the very first and second HDR that came out off my Photomatix software.

Image Number 1
Above the Natchez Trace Bridge in Nashville Tennessee

Image Number 2
Old Stone Fort Falls In Manchester Tennessee.

Capturing The Golden Hour


Last time the gang went to Pool Knobs Rec Area back in March for a sunrise shot, I saw this fishing boat racing towards his fishing post. Good thing that I had my zoom lens on my Canon 30D that all I did was grabbed it and took a quick shot. Post Processing just made this image stand out where the golden tones are showing up. Love the Golden Hour.

I Love To Shoot Weddings


This is like my third wedding so far. I’m not really going out there finding my clients and all three of them where referred by friends. To this about it, this is like the second year of my photographic experience and I have learned a lot within this two year and it all began when I became a daddy. 🙂

On my first wedding I was just using a Canon EOS 30D, a somewhat okay camera. Not the best camera around but it was just enough to capture precious moments.

The second wedding I did, I upgraded my equipment since I knew that I would need it to get the good quality images and make my job a little easier so there, I got the Canon EOS 7D paired with the Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM Lens and also a 580EX II Speedlite. This wedding was perfect because it was in the afternoon were perfect lighting if your in the shade. Also this wedding was held by the grooms mother’s garden. Awesome greenery. Those washed out greens just look awesome!

Third wedding was just last weekend. I still used the same equipment but I rented a 50mm f/1.2 from company by the way) Superb bokeh and fast focusing. I had to drop down the aperture to 2.8 to make sure I won’t miss shoots since it was the first time I’ve used a lens with a very narrow focusing point and I could easily miss focus a shoot.(I did miss a couple but it’s okay).

Here are teaser shots for you(readers):

I just love when I see reactions from the bridge or groom when they see their pictures. Sharing them is fun and of course going through 2000 raw images is too! hahahaha. And yes this particular wedding I did roughly 2000 images but after going through it, I end up keeping about 450+ awesome captures! I just don’t like giving them images that looks the same like, a different angle or just a nudge of the head. I’m not like that. Well, well, well, I take it back. I do sometimes like a series of images but of course the good once not the boring once. “you see?” Also, I’m not sure why other people always say that taking photo’s of weddings are stressful. I think the only person that stressed this day is the bride and if the photographer is also stressed, I wish you luck! You’re there to un-stress the day for the bride. It’s hard to take good images with a stressed bride you know. But anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading my experience for the love of wedding photography 🙂

Stay cool, be calm, and work like a PRO.

Here what the groom message me on Facebook the next day:

Thank you so much Chriss for being our photographer for our special day. I must say that very pleased with your professionalism and patients with Lourdes, myself and the wedding party and guest. I love the couple of pictures that you have posted already and we are so excited to see all of them. You and your future wife make a great team for weddings!

God bless you,


Awesome to see a message like that!

Got a question in mind that you need to ask me? Drop me a question below on the Facebook comment box or the other comment box. It doesn’t matter which one. 😀

Have a great day and happy shooting!

Best Sharpening Tutorial by Gavin Hoey


I’m been looking for a good tutorial for sharpening RAW images and finally stumbled upon the best and well explained tutorial on image sharpening by Gavin Hoey.

Samsung Smart TV YouTube Problem


Samsung Smart TV YouTube Problem

We are always excited when there’s an upgrade on anybody of our software and looking forward for new stuff. But guess what, after updating Samsung’s Smart TV YOUTUBE doesn’t work anymore!

There was an update for the Samsung Smart TV this week and after the software update, the Youtube app doesn’t work. Samsung is currently aware of the problem and trying to get a solution or another update to fix this issue. To follow the conversation please check this link @Cnet Forum

This might be a location base problem but just stay tune!

Samsung Smart TV List Affected:

  • Samsung SmartTV D5500
  • Samsung SmartTV c6530
  • Samsung UE 37D5500
  • Samsung LED TV UN46C6500VFXZA
  • Samsung UE32D5520
  • Samsung BlueRay Disk BD-C6900
  • Samsung UE40C7000.

Samsung TV Capacitor Settlement Notice


Samsung fully acknowledge that there is a problem with their TV’s capacitors manufactured December of 2008 and prior.

A proposed Settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit involving certain Samsung televisions. In cooperation with the District Court of Oklahoma County, Samsung Electronics America, Inc. is offering a settlement for certain Samsung-branded televisions manufactured prior to December 31, 2008. You may be entitled to receive the benefits of this proposed Class Action Settlement if you purchased, acquired or otherwise owned any of the following Samsung-branded televisions, and the television is experiencing or has experienced the “Covered TV Symptom(s)” as described in the proposed Settlement. The class action lawsuit alleges a defect that may cause the television to experience symptoms such as not turning on, experiencing a delay in turning on, making a clicking sound, cycling on and off, or other similar problems. Samsung denies the allegations in the lawsuit, but has agreed to settle the lawsuit to avoid the costs and uncertainty of continued litigation.

Here is the OFFICIAL LIST of AFFECTED TV’s with Capacitor Problem:

LN-T******/XAA; LN**A******XZA; LNS4041DX/XAA; LNS4051DX/XAA; LNS4052DX/XAA; LNS5296DX/XAA

Plasma TV: